Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Cathérine Kuebel’s work in its conception is always connected to the genius loci of the space she is dwelling in. Being a finder and maker of things, a socio-poetic nomad even when bound to a place, her work maps the mnemographic and metaphoric layers of her surroundings – may they be physical, mental, scientific, poetic or social in their nature.

The manner of creation – from miniatures, mapping, temporary installations to large scale works – is usually heavily influenced by locality and milieu, either taking shape in site specific interventions or being inspired by immediate conditions and (intuitive) context. Repetitive and sometimes cyclical processes such as walking, collecting, gleaning, listening, re-using and transforming etc. are employed to gather an attempt of an artistic and affirmative collection of humanness (e.g. through artefacts or to be rooted in a place), and in-place-ness within the world.

Story-telling as well as the exploration of the in-between (e.g. non-places, non-lieux, spaces of otherness) or the poetic and scientific investigation of the world play as much a role as coincidence, found things and unforeseen encounters. Content and context determine the final shape of the work; often leading to an interdisciplinary agglomeration of technique and material.

She would like to live several lives at the same time and occasionally wanders off into the wild.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: