Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
1973-74 Theology/Philosophy, University Muenster, D
1974-80 Academy of Fine Arts Minerva, Groningen, NL
2002- 06 Lithography in Graphic Centre, Groningen
Friederike Linssen works and lives in Berlin and in Groningen
About her work
'My work is an intuitive search for core elements existing in nature. Coming from inner stillness I tune into my subjects, trying to draw, paint and print their essence often using only one color. The figures that arise are invariably simple organic shapes. Lithography enables me to reproduce these pictures. The prints as well as the paintings are presented in a matrix or sequence that mirror the oneness of all beings in the universe.'
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
1998 Synagoge Groningen 'Hommage an Paul Celan', installation of 8 paintings inspired by the 8 couplets of Celan’s poem ‘Stimmen’(voices) from the collection of poems ‘Sprachgitter’(speech-grille). Corresponding to ‘Speech-grille’ my 8 ‘voices’ hung on the iron grill separating the sacral from the public room of the synagoge. 1999 Pictura Groningen,'La jeune parque' with Susanne Dittler. Maison Heinrich Heine, Paris, 'Sudelblätter', inspired by Celan’s poem ‘An die Haltlosigkeiten’, presented at the congress ‘Paul Celan: biographie et interprétation’. 2003 ‘Mute voices I’ with ‘Noord-Nederlandse Vocaal Ensemble’ playing the music that Robert Heppner composed by Celan’s poem ‘Stimmen’. Monumental canvas, presented in Groningen, Sneek, Emden. 2004 ‘vrede@Westerdijkshorn.nl’-Inspired by the Tibetan prayer flags I invited my neighbours to express their wishes for peace on flags. On Liberation day May 5th the flags for peace were blowing in the wind from the local tower. Coincidentally the nr of the flags appears to be 108, a holy number in Hinduism/ Buddhism. 2012/13 Gallery Pra Usquert 'Mute voices II', installation 50 canvas.
2014 FFFZ Kulturforum Düsseldorf ‘Duo’ with my brother Jupp Linssen. Milk Factory Groningen 'Nature' with poet Aly Freije. Baflo 'Silence' with Jan Bodde. 2015 Kunstraum t27, Berlin 'Weiterreichung' with Deborah S. Phillips. Kirchsaal Rixdorf 48 Std Neukoelln. ArtSpace Tinallinge 'Weltinnenraum' with Jan Bodde . Studio Oranienstr Berlin 'Winterreise'.