Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Hai La Hora Orchestra is a Berlin-based traditional balkan band. Our international formation represents the Berlin melting-pot bringing together musicians from Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Denmark and Romania. Passionately we dedicate our repertoire to the rich and virtuous tradition of the gypsy music from the Balkan region. Entering this music culture we start in Moldova, we pass along Romania following Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece. “Hai la Hora” finds it's meaning in the Romanian language and refers to the traditional call “come to dance”. The small word “Hora” means “Dance” and it´s also the name of a folk-popular circle dance that is common in the whole region of the Balkan. Without losing the meaningful tradition we aim to give our personal influences to this music and carry it further. http://hailahora.com