Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Anaïs Hazo-Santorin is a young multidisciplinary artist who lives and works between Paris and New-York. Her techniques are drawing, photography, installation and prints. She publishes Fine Art prints and books; and works as freelance art director, fashion stylist, editor and lifestyle- and food consultant. Her work is marked by a keen, highly observant sense of her direct surroundings.

April 2017, Anais joins SomoS to explore a very personal and intimate take on the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, thematizing "the artist's studio." This involves keen observation of the "greatness of little details; the awareness of how much design, of every sort, shapes our perception."

By the end of the residency, Anais will have created a series of pieces for the everyday life of an artist in her environment, focusing on what matters most in regards to the daily life: eat-wear-inhabit. These will be presented in situ at the end of the residency period alongside some in-space installations, demonstrating the simple but great effort of creating a living, as a global aesthetic experiment. Considering a show as a part of a wider cycle, she plans to give this work another reach by designing a book that documents the whole experience, and gives it all a different reading scale.