Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
2002 – 2009. BACHELOR of VISUAL ARTS. U.N.A. (National University of Arts) Buenos Aires, Argentina. Performance arts research and graduation thesis: The oracle as a collective and artistic experience.
2012. Exchange semester. Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft, Alfter near Bonn, Germany
2000 – 2001. PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY. School of Professional Photography Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina

F.F.S (foundation for shamanic Studies). Basic workshop, dreamwork
SHADOW THEATER. Alejandro Sklazar. Norbert Göltz
CLOWN - BUTOH DANCE. Matilde Javier ciria. Rocío Salmoiraghi
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
THE FOOL´S JOURNEY is an intercultural performance arts project based on Tarot. It Consist of series of experimental performances and subprojects, including public oracle happenings and shadow theatre pieces. Ongoing since 2013, as Leonor Beuter started her current journey, from Argentina to Europe. With the aim to create an oracle as an artistic collective experience, she works in collaboration with people from different disciplines and backgrounds.
WALKING THE TAROT, shamanism and Tarot monthly event. Praxis für Heilkunde. Neukölln-Berlin
THE FOOL´S JOURNEY - A TRUE LIFE STORY, Theater Die Box, Leipzig; Scheune Schaubuden Sommer, Dresden
THE FOOL´S JOURNEY, public oracle happening, at.tension # 6 Festival, Kulturkosmos Flugplatz Lärz
MYSTIC OFFICE, Kulturelle Landpartie, Wendland
DAS ERWACHEN DES NAREN, shadow theatre piece. Theatre Nights Vol. 2, Kunst du uns Festival, Artistania, Neukölln-Berlin; Snapsteatro vol. 1 & 2, Theatre aus deustch und Spanisch, Wedding-Berlin
DIE ORAKEL MASCHINNE, collective oracle performance, Schwarzerkanal Wagon Place, treptower-Berlin; Circus Charivari, Kunst & circus Festival, Friedischein-Berlin; Serendubity Rise- Up, Panke, Wedding-Berlin
WAYANG KULIT, collaboration with traditional shadow theatre company Margi-Budoyo (Indonesien - Hamburg)
Hannoversches Schattentheaterfestival 2013, Hannover
A PRAYER TO MYSTERY, Frappant, Hamburg
A.I.R, Jun.-Oct, Villa Magdalena-Hausprojekt, Hamburg