Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
• 2014 /2 Invisible Love Trier

eine künstlerische Projektskizze im Bereich Klangkunst- Komposition

• 2013/12 Der Klang des Labyrinths Mainz

• 2012 /12 Secret Garden with Artist Kuei-Chih Lee residenct in Xiluo progrom " Art Nomadic"

• 2012 /2 Die Sonette an orpheos Dialog zwieschen Klavier und Saxphone Interactive insterlation vidio-art

• 2009 OPUSWAWA perform at National ChengChi University , Creative Lab.

• 2008 ZweiArt founded

• 2008 Korea sound Design for “ja Guk”

• 2007 EINS invite artists from America, Russia and Taiwan to work on SHEPHERD AND PIGEON, project with musical and dancing performance , installation arts , computer visual arts and painting

• 2006 Found EINS Intergrated Arts , collaborate with dancer , visual artist , electronic artist and performing artist, the works include : FOLK DRUM PARADE, FLOWERS IN THE MIRROR and WRITING ,all sponsored by government

• 2005 Invited to the 7th Taipei Arts Festival (Oriental and Avant-Garde) , began to work on stage music

• 2003 Hold a piano recital at National Concert Hall TAIWAN

• 2002 Hold a Chamber music recital , sponsored by National Culture and Arts Foundation TAIWAN

• 1998 Study at Hochschule fur Musik KÖLN

• 1997 Graduated from Robert Schuman Hochschule DÜSSELDORF , GERMANY Master's Degree
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
zweiart www.zweimau.com

zweiart launched by sound and inter- disciplinary artist, winona (Lin Wan-Qian) and other like-minded artists, is an art group set to explore contemporary artistic materials and expressions. Formed organically through many collaborative processes, the group is built on the basis of poetics of inner language. Other Arts gives performances live or with pre-recordings by connecting sounds (electronic, human and musical), physical languages, visual images and interactive installation.