Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Properties of the Music:
Influenced by experimental fusion electronic, acoustic jam, Passiflora combines afro-brazilian percussions, echoes, melodic electric guitar distortions, and many other analog noises. The mix is the result of the close interaction between the artists improvisation and the ambient. The acts are always improvised. Sounds and samples are generated while Passiflora is playing.

Properties of the Plant:
From the Maracujá seeds Passiflora grows. A very exotic plant with calming sauer leaves known also as the plant of passion flowers.

Properties of the People:
Dan Timm is a singer, actor and songwriter. Some of his instruments in Passiflora performances are a bird whistle, an Argentinian flute, PVC pipe assemblages and a melodica.
Denis Altschul explores the electronic elements.
Luter Filho with pontual rhythms uses diverse percussion instruments and none of them.

Maracujá – A crew of music lovers that uses technology, arts and their networks to curate and create beautiful music experiences.