Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
My interest for the concept System as a collection of interacting factors mentally separated from the surroundings has been a driving force in my creative development. Through my artistic work, I developed a bivalent consideration of human existence. On one hand, I saw the human as a centralized autonomous agent, yet simultaneously also as a decentralized node in a greater network of interacting agents. This decentralized view can also exist in cohesion with the concept system since subsystems can be interconnected and nested in order to form a decentralized overall system.
The intensive exploration of systems led to the integration of the process electrolysis in my creative work in 2004. According to this process, a small voltage is applied between two electrodes positioned in a fluid, which causes an electrical current to flow through the fluid, thereby splitting the molecules of the fluid, causing bubbles to rise from the electrodes and slowly changes the color and consistency of the fluid itself.
The fundamental bivalent central/decentral or node/system view manifests itself in two different ways in my creative work. In one case, I am pursuing a philosophical study of human existence, but also a more pragmatic and critical examination of current societal problems. I believe that a shift in the collective consciousness away from the I-oriented view and towards a decentralized view of a collective existence is urgently needed and encourage development in this direction.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
2017 Solo show, Takt Kunstprojektraum, Berlin
2016 Incognito, group show, Royal Over-Seas League London England
2016 Marcus Ahlers - F-J Pordoy, two-person exhibition, Ventilator Berlin Germany
2014 Metamorphilia-Metamorphobia, group show, Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs, Riga, Litauen
2014 Threshold, group show, Kunsthalle am Hamburgerplatz, Berlin
2013 Kunstproduktionsstätte, group show, WerkStadt eV, Berlin
2012 Situative Systeme , two person exhibition, Kunstraum t27, Berlin
2011 Building Dwelling Thinking, group show, Smartloft, Berlin
2011 Mitgliederausstellung, group show, WerkStadt eV, Berlin
2010 Check Bounds, group show, Stattbad Wedding, Berlin,
2010 Retro, Einzelausstellung, WerkStadt eV, Berlin
2009 Made in Berlin, group show, German Russian House and State Gallery, Kaliningrad, Russia
2009 Agua Realmente Azul, two person project in public space, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Auszeichnungen / Preise: 
Fulbright Scholarship
First Prize: 15th International Art Interview Online Artist Competition
Amalie Rothchild Sculpture Award