Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Nicolás Rosero (born Bogotá, Colombia, 1991) is a painter and sound artist currently living in Berlin and taking part of the Sound Studies (Master of Arts) in the Udk-Universität der Künste. His work brings together interests in painting, philosophy, and sound art.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
2015 - "Subasarte". Young Art Auction for the construction of a new center of arts and crafts in Suba. Bogotá Museum of Modern Art - MAMBO.

2014 - "The Two Dimensions of Volume". Painting exhibition. Bogotá.
"Renova Festival". Graffiti Festival. Bogotá.

"Tiempo de espera". Painting exhibition. Bucaramanga.

2013 - "Prolekults vs. Agitrops ". Thesis exhibition. Department of Art, University of Los Andes. Creative Center Textura. Bogotá.

2012 - "Sin/Fonia" (A project of Juan Cortes / Maria Fernandez). Sound art exhibition. Projects Hall. Bogotá.
"Lexiviado". Painting exhibition. Odeon Theatre. Bogotá.
"Galpon Z". LEA Outdoor Design Festival. Bucaramanga.