Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
I believe in a political theatre of today deeply engaged with the representation and analysis of real events in ways we have never quite seen before. A theatre where reality is often presented in the context of uncertain knowledge in a high manipulated digital world. Something that exists in the overlap and interplay between ‘theatre’ and ‘reality’, the blurred boundary between the simulated and the ‘real’ world.
Theatre’s potencial for making the world comprehensible is integral to its ability to occupy and constitute a public space. The way we live, we receive information, stories is multifaceted, but people may still believe only one version of events. The world is changing, constantly, so we have to create a new language for theatre as well. I think all artistic elements of the scene are in conflict and they work as triggers of a global art project which should be totally committed with our time. I believe in a theatre where the dramatic elements are in conflict, without any privilege. Dance, acting, scenography, lightening, costume design, scenario, filming, sonor space are languages to connect to our public.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
I studied in Institut del Teatre, ESAD (Barcelona). But for two years I am interested in International Theater and how it can open new ways to work . First, I went to make a workshop of new technologies with Agrupacion Senor Serrano in Biennale di Venezia 2015. After that I got selected in European School for the Art of the Actor (Italy) 2016. I made a workshop of Side Specific with Charlotte Munksø (SceneKunstSkole, Copenaghen) and Ditlev Brinth (sound designer). After that I went to play at Volksbühne (Berlin) to work with P14(Jungengruppe) in two differents plays: "Collectivus" and "Manöver II".
In June 2016 I worked for B-Tour; "Shifting perspective" ( 48Hours Neukölln).
Website: https://www.mekongrivermonsters.com/