Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Visual artist Isabel Ramos works across disciplines, employing and combining mediums such as video, VR, performance, choreography and installation. She proposes to integrate her body in her art, both as a kind of material and subject. She works on solo projects as well as cooperating with the UK based "Keiken Collective."

Born in Oxford, UK 1994, from Ramos studied Fine Art & Design at Falmouth School of Art. 2016 she exhibited her performative solo project "Off a Page" at Mono Art Space, Falmouth (UK); and took part in group exhibitions at Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn; Inland Art Festival, Redruth (UK); Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxembourg-Platz, Berlin; Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich; The Exchange, Penzance.

At SomoS, Ramos will work on an ambitious new media performative installation, called "Will you hold me or just watch?"

Set in a dystopian surreal news set featuring video, bodies and mannequins, the participatory piece will guide the viewer on a journey into the subconscious. Politically charged, the piece questions the tools used by neo-nationalists and far right groups, offering discriminatory fake connectivity. A VR segment included in the installation creates a meta-narrative with various characters such as Mannequin, a nanorobot. The experience is concluded by a debate between all characters on the nature of our collective consciousness and if they can work together against current modes of division to create a more compassionate society.