Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
M.A. in Faculty of Arts, Music and Drama
I have been a skipper on sail boats, a dj, a horse riding guide in the woods, a carpenter, a seamstress in theaters, a problem solver, a toys inventor, a psychonaut and many more BUT when someone asked me "what do you do?" I never knew what to say: nothing felt right as I could do everything but just a little bit.

The big struggle of my life was to find "that thing" that I could do very good and feel proud of it.

After looking and searching and asking and digging a lot puppetry came naturally to me: all the little bits of everything that I can handle are useful in this wonderful and magical art and I love to inspire children and parents with my message.

My puppet theater's name is il Teatrino Degli Errori, the Puppet theater of the Errors: I just put together my biggest passion (puppets and stories) and my biggest fear (making errors) and became very happy.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
Die drei Fisch, Puppentheater piece, Casa Cacao
Die drei Fisch, Puppentheater piece, Liberia Mondolibro Italienische Buchladen