Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Antti Pussinen (b. 1984, Tampere) is a visual and sound artist who is interested in a variety of environments and their effect on people. Through his art, Pussinen strives to create environments that affect the viewer through his or her emotions, memories and associations. For Pussinen, the city environment in particular is a fascinating testing ground of humanity and tolerance. In a city, people are forced to live side by side and cannot hide among like-minded friends.

He studied Environmental arts and sculpture in Tampere Finland and graduated 2006.

Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
2013, Hunter-Killer, Walden Kunstaustellungen, Berlin,
2010, Gallery Rajatila, Tampere, Finland
--, Medicine City, Gallery Suomesta, Berlin

2007, Gallery Rajatila, Tampere, Fin.
2006, Meanwhile somewhere else, Gallery Maa-tila, Helsinki, Fin.

2016, Lux Helsinki, Helsinki Fin.
2015, Space Art Symposium, Pixelache, Helsinki, Fin.
2014, Ars Lieke, Kouvola Art Museum,Fin.
--, Lux-In, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Fin.
--, Cosmic Death, Transmediale vorspiel, Walden Kunstaustellungen, Berlin,
2013, Synecdoche, Freies Museum Berlin
2012, Panmediale, Westwerk, Hamburg
--, Pirkanmaa 5th Trienale, Tampere Kunsthalle, Fin.
--, Mediengau, Freies Museum Berlin
2010, Builders, Kuopion Taidemuseo/ Art Museum of Kuopio
--, Pixelache/Self Sustainable Party Container, Kiasma, HKI
2009, 4th Pirkanmaa Trienale, Tampere Art Museum, Fin
--, Avantgarde Festival, Schiphorst
2008, Paine, Art museum of Jyväskylä, Finland
--, Conflux, Museum for Architecture, New York, USA
2007, B/surma, Daily lives of burmese people, Galleria välivuosi, Helsinki, Fin.
--, Swaeg Art, Conteporary Art Museum Kiasma, Helsinki, Fin.
--, Shy Pee, Gallery of Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallin, Estonia


2008, Signals from the south seminar, Kiasma, Helsinki
2005, Encounters in intercultural art projects – symposium on art and knowledge, Helsinki
2004, Message workshop, collective drawing, Yangon, Myanmar
Auszeichnungen / Preise: 
Selected Grants
Working Grants
2016: Finnish Culture Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2015: Finnish Culture Foundation
2012: Alfred Kordelin Foundation
2011: Arts Council of Tampere, Finland
Project grants
2016: Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2014: Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2014: Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2013: Kulturstftung der länder, Berlin
2012: Alfred Kordelin Foundation
2011: Finnish Culture Foundation
2010: Finnish Culture Foundation