Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
After Belinda Sykora finished her acting studies in 2008 she moved to Berlin and devoted herself more to her musical talent. Her interest lay in experimental music, she founded a band for which she composed and sang. In 2018 she completed her Master in "Sound Studies" at the UdK Berlin. Her works deal with language and sound in an interdisciplinary way, using different technical means to play with the perception of the recipients. These include binaural sound walks, experimental music, radio plays and performances.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
2020 - (un)conciousness session, (Ekheo) Performance at Hošek Contemporary, Improvised & Experimental, Berlin
2020 - KI - Stimme, Gender und Identität, (Ekheo), Talk, die MUK: Musik und Kunst der Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien
2019 - Voice and Identity, (Ekheo) Keynote and Concert, Voice Conference Berlin
2018 - Feminae Hysteria, Hörspiel Installation, Master Exhibition, Sound Studies, Artspace Petersburg, UdK Berlin
2017 - Hardboiled Sound, (Ekheo), Performance & Musical Graph, NICHTSALSSCHÖNHEIT, KN Raum für Kunst im Kontext, Berlin
2017 - Take a walk with Hekate, Audiowalk, 48 H Neukölln,Berlin