Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Art collective creating cryptoart on the Ethereum blockchain since 2018.


TXU is the call code of an airport in the mind of a Mexican god. It is an encrypted call channel foam from a TXU box. Blow into a TXU. Bless TXU. Teach TXU. TXU very much.

We are a loosely federated art defrigeration system on the banks of the river unix. We might be on either side of it with nature as our center, or nowhere at all within the realm of the known physical world.

There is no particular goal other than to remain allied through our various figures of struggles within existing physical, mental and meta physical impositions variously. It was therefore the imperative of the author to write this document as badly as possible in the hopes that nobody will notice and take it seriously, seriousness being the only solitude of the shallow pool warmed by the urine of a dark elf with an eternal shelf life.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 

First there was everything, requiring a new nothing. And so the one oficinasTK gave birth to an empty space and invited two more mattiaC, ilan_katin, resulting in the drei lands. This was its initial nameless. These were shared with one another with editionals to be kept and sold, as selling is part of the everything that is everything and thus we are part of everything despite the desire for a new nothing.

Forth then was another from the everything, XCOPY invited to the new nothing. In this time the four coalesced without disappearing, bound divisibly to create something invisible. In towed by a fifth who vowed silence, Kryptocromo and re-named the octo-pie-space invader with an unwritten declaration of need for a new when added.

In recognizing the firm essence of secrecy an affinity formed with a name that reflected the mystery of BlackBoxDotArt() recognizing the (temporary) invisibility and dark unknown of mind connecting with the greater whole.

But whole it was not yet to fullfill this (c)oven a bake by Serste of the earth.


oficinasTK - ministerio - twitter.com/oficinasTK
Serste - sorcercerius - twitter.com/Serste
MattiaC - notarian - twitter.com/mattiac
BlackBoxDotArt - philanthrosophy - twitter.com/blackboxdotart
XCOPY - addvizor - twitter.com/xcopy
ilan_katin - blackdoor - twitter.com/ilan_katin
Kryptocromo - quiettly - twitter.com/kryptocromo
Auszeichnungen / Preise: 
Selection for cryptoart curating platforms:

- SuperRare
- KnownOrigin
- MakersPlace