Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Selected projects:

2003-2014 redFrik. Alias for my own audiovisual work. Solo performances in Sweden, Holland, UK, Japan, Germany, Poland, Greece, Spain, Mexico
2001-2016 /f0. Alias for my video related work. Many collaborations, installations, performances. All over Europe, Asia, America, Australia
2000-2019 MusicalFieldsForever. A 20 year long collaboration. Exhibitions and research projects mainly in the scandinavian countries
2003-2009 klipp av. Defunct audiovisual duo. Performed in 9 countries including tours in Japan, USA & Australia
Selected writings:

2020 Sonic Ideas / Ideas Sónicas Vol12 No.23: 'Cybernetic music in practice'
2006 Computer Music Journal sum06+DVD: 'klipp av: Live Algorithmic Splicing and Audiovisual Event Capture'
2004 read_me04: 'Live Algorithm Programming and a Temporary Organisation for Its Promotion'. Co-author
2003 ICMC2003: 'A Protocol for Audiovisual Cutting'. Co-author with Nick Collins