Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
₲∆|o͇ (Galo Rivera, 1992) is a scientist and independent multimedia
artist born in Quito, Ecuador and based in Berlin. ₲∆|o͇'s main
artistic discipline is photography but regularly uses other media like
sound, illustration, live coding, and animation as experimental means
of expression.In 2016, ₲∆|o͇ was awarded two photography awards by
UNESCO and the International League of Conservatrion Photographers
(ILCP) for photographies of mangroves and the harm shrimp farms pose
to them in the Ecuadorian coast. These works were exhibited in "Yaku
Museo del Agua" (Water Museum; in english) in Quito, Ecuador. ₲∆|o͇
has been an active filmmaker since 2018 and has directed and produced
4 short films.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
Out of sight (2019)
Do not touch (2019)
Out of sight (2019)
Do not touch (2019)
Ábaco (2020)
Pesadilla con Pedrito Coco (2021)

Currently ₲∆|o͇ coursing a PhD immunology and producing further
experimental audiovisual projects.