Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Ilan Katin creates video projection installations that imbue a combination of ideas from his hand drawn works as well as his performance work. He has worked in a wide variety of disciplines including graphic design, illustration, comics, installations and animation. He has performed individually and collaboratively, for intimate art events and theater pieces to countless, large scale VJ sets in a variety of locations in the Americas and Europe.

Ilan's personal performance work tests the boundaries of performing with a laptop in front of an audience, engaging the ‘here’ and ‘now’ by interacting with inanimate objects or live drawing as well as mixing and manipulating live and pre-recorded imagery of these objects. The goal is to experience how these actions interact symbolically with the experience of video projections in the performance environment.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 

LIGHT AS FLESH, WOOD AS BONES (projection Installation) - Mapping Festival, Geneva, Switzerland - 2011

silant.counter.repetition (projection Installation) - ANX, Oslo, Norway - 2012

counter.canonical (projection Installation) - Insanitus Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania - 2012

Ana X (projection Installation) - collaboration with sound artist Jasmine Guffond. ANX, Oslo, Norway - 2013

PASSAGES (projection Installation) - collaboration with with sound artist Jasmine Guffond. Monstra International Animation Festival, Lisbon, Portugal - 2014

Video performances:

SHARE.mobile, Club Transmediale, Berlin, Germany - 2004

DJ/VJ at Galapagos, Brooklyn, NYC - 2004

Dogs Blood Rising with Adam Kendall at The Lucky Cat, Brooklyn, NYC - 2004

Mapping Festival, Club Le Zoo, Geneva, Switzerland - 2005

Seventh Annual MoMA Family Festival, Museum of Modern Art, NYC - 2006

Electron Music Festival, Geneva, Switzerland - 2006

Mutek, Savoy, Montreal Canada. Collaborative audio visual performances and jam session with glomag, o.blaat, i8u, CHiKA, Bubblyfish and Sawako - 2007


Line drawings - Paved Paradise Summer Group Show, New York City, U.S - 2008

Single channel video: M3M3M3 - Neurotitan Gallery, My Icon. Berlin, Germany - 2013

‘Deflation’ illustration series - Pop-up Gallery goes USA. Berlin, Germany - 2013

Free drawings on the spot - Gallery 3000, Gift as Problem. Berlin, Germany - 2013