Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Visual artist based in Berlin, I propose real-time performances using a tiny Live Cinema Factory named Yvonne the Object Theater. The process is object oriented and use analogic tools and materials including everyday objects, papers, photographs, optics & lens all mixed in real time with a Vjing software to produce both optical illusions and visual effects to serve a story telling.

In my last creation the telling is focused on the world´s enclosure, globalisation & velocity; and is based on Paul Virilio´s philosophy. Is somewhere an alternative path? The main idea is to create a tiny alternative world with both ancient and present tools.

Graduated in anthropology, humanity have always takes an important part of my work.
Before this, I was working as a photographer and movie maker evolving in different fields of street art.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
Live Cinema, Villa Kuriosum, december, Berlin
Live Cinema, Goethe institute, october, Izmir Turquey
Népomuk, Reclaim the street, september, Berlin
Live Cinema Family and Népomuk, , february, Barcelona

Live Cinema solo, Arrêt sur Image, Numeric Art Festival, november, Nice
Vj set, Oooh festival, De Ruimte, november, Amsterdam
The "Première" with my new Mobile Video Theater Bike Nepomuk, november, Berlin
Live Cinema, Colletivo Crisis, september, Venezia
Live Cinema, july, Berlin
Vj set, Mess – Festival, july, Berlin
Vj set, june, Champagne Fleury, Courteron, Aube
Live Cinema, Nuit des musées, Musée International Jakovsky, mai, Nice
Live Cinema, Dance Festival, may, Munchen
Live Cinema, Oooh Festival, may, London
Vj set, Live Performers Meeting, may, Rome
Live Cinema, Nova Cinéma, april Bruxelles
Vj set, Karnasouk, march Paris
Live Cinema, Neon Kunst Gallery, march Berlin
Vj set, Entrepont, january Nice.

Live Cinema, Barbour Gallery, december, Jerusalem
Live Cinema, Oooh Festival, Zimmer, december, Tel Aviv
Vj set, Cabaret Sauvage, december, Paris
Video , Radio Lab Paris, november, Paris
Vj set, New River Studio, october, London
Workshop, Little Angel theater, october, London
Live Cinema, Oooh Festival, Petersburg Art Place, september, Berlin
Photo shoot, Oooh Festival, july, Ragusa Ibla
Workshop Live Cinema, Museo Mare Memoria Viva, june, Palermo
Objects Theater, Piccolo Teatro, june