Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Kollage Kollectiv are a Berlin-based art collective. Three autodidactic multimedia
explorers with a shared vision and driven by a strong ethos. We transform recycled materials into interactive installations through innovative design, engineering and technology.

The fundamental truth of our times is that resources are finite. Thinking in cyclical rather than linear terms can change that, reusing and repurposing disposables to maximize their potential, we artistically demonstrate how trash is a source of inspiration and wish to democratize the making of art.

All our modules operate as platforms to present our digital artwork. 3D visuals are fabricated using creative coding skills and synchronised with sounds. We fuse different media through the hacking of machines and sensors. This technique invites people to engage on a multisensory level for a dynamic experience.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
Oyoun “FreiTräume” November 2021, Berlin
Peer 23 “Cyber Punk Masked Ball” October 2021, Mannheim
DiskoBabel, “Interakt” September 2021, Berlin
Kindl Centre for Contemporary Art, Exhibition “O” June 2021, Berlin
MotionLab “Berlin Design Week” June 2021, Berlin
Zirkus Mond “2 year anniversary” October 2020, Berlin
Wilde Renate, “Overmorrow Experience” July - October 2020, Berlin
Racket Stack, “Esc Ctrl Recycle” July 2020, Berlin
Saatchi, “Sweet Harmony - Rave today” July - September 2019, London