Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Liana Bortolozzo aka Laliana was born in Venice, Italy, she lives and works in London and has exhibited extensively in UK and abroad. Laliana studied at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts in Italy graduating with a Bachelor Degree in painting and visual arts and at the Chelsea College of Arts in London obtaining an Master in Fine Arts.

Laliana's work encompasses performance, painting, drawing, video and installations. Her art embraces traditional crafts such as needlework and china-painting but also live site responsive performance. She often works in collaboration with other artists including dancers and music composers.

Though the sense of the absurd and quirky humour, Laliana talks about herself and about her relationship with the surrounding world, trying to give a personal answer and interpretation to the daily dilemmas and paradoxes, and mixing her imagination with the reality. She explores and investigates social issues and personal attitudes with a wry and challenging point of view. Laliana is deeply engaged with the problem of the negative and distorted representation of women in our society. 
Website: laliana.art
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
2019 Ending Gender Based Violence,The Brewer’s Bar, London
2019 The London Ultra, Bargehouse, London
2019 Axis Mundi, St Catherine’s Church Neasden, London
2019 Reinventing Beauty, Space 36, London
2019 Miniscule, Venice Art Biennale, Italy
2018 Friends of Interpretable Spaces, St Augustine Tower, London
2018 The Truth Detectives, Space 36, London
2017 The Republic of Brexitopia, Espacio Gallery, London
2017 Waiting to Exhale, Space 36, London
2016 Uninvited, Various public spaces, London
2015 DisRuptive, Iklectik, London
2015 W3 Gallery, London
2015 Anti Gallery Gallery Show, Espacio Gallery, London
2014 Forbidden, The Daniel Libeskind Space, London
2014 Office Sessions III, Anchorage House, London
2014 The Disorder of Things, The Artworks, London
2014 Urban Life, The Daniel Libeskind Space, London
2013 Process in Exile, Made in Art London, London
2013 Final Show, Chelsea College of Fine Art, London
2013 Camberwell MA Salon, Unthank Artspace, Norwich
2013 The Last Rasp, Our House Gallery, London
2013 Perfect Patio, Space Station 65, London
2012 CG05, Cookhouse Gallery, London
2012 Bend Over Shirley, Beaconsfield Arts, London
2012 A Machine for Living In, Hannah Barry, London
2012 Daily/Weekly, Project Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
2010 Photo&Graphie, Solo Exhibition, Welcome Bar, Venice, Italy
2009 Eating Portraits, Academy of Fine Art, Venice, Italy
2009 No Frame – Deadly Sins, Venice, Italy