Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
We are Claire and Muriel McIntyre. A sister duo working collectively in challenging normativity and conformism, through a visual diary of daily accounts and conversations.
We have an online and offline publication comprising the thread of our thoughts and happenings under the name of Marie Jayne Chanel.

Muriel Jayne McIntyre is a multimedia and conceptual artist based in Edinburgh and Berlin. She questions ideas of duality within identity, emphasised through her working process of large scale installations and 2D collages. The flat surface of the paper expands into the curated space, where she inserts the dichotomy of the organic and viscerality of the body in contrast to the rigidity of the pre-given composition.

Claire Marie is a visual artist based in Berlin. Challenging social norms and conditioning through imagery and social documentary, she explores the mind, its people and our society. Questioning behavior and group dynamics, from gender constructs to the concept of the artistic practice, she portrays it through the underlying structures of our social practices. Documenting the body within the spaces as the skin and thought navigate systems of construct, defying preconception while engaging in conversation.