Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
As a curious and rebellious mind, Marina is always looking for new territories of exploration where she can develop new concepts, craft ideas and, co-create with other like-minded creatives from complementary fields. In her personal search for freedom of expression and playfulness, her creations use different media that allow her to express herself, emotions and thoughts towards topics like the complexity of the human mind and the future of our society on planet earth. Marina is an independent designer and art director, originally from Rio de Janeiro, who chose Berlin as a home after living and working in various cities around the world. She uses her multidisciplinary design background to create visual concepts, to enhance experiences and to express information faster than words can.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
Creating artworks, illustrations, and surface designs that are applied to digital and physical products. Various collections, licensing, and collaborations throughout 2016-2021: www.instagram.com/patterns.assreuy.
Provided creative consultancy and art direction for the film Transience, commissioned by Barcelona-based film & advertising company, that won several film festivals in 2008-2011: www.design.assreuy.com/work/transience.
Provided creative and art direction, translating strategy towards the future of food into visual concepts for a food start up/ incubator and, their events, workshops, pop-ups held between 2017-2020, on the topics: future of food, food research, art & food and sustainable fashion: www.design.assreuy.com/work/algae-journey.
Auszeichnungen / Preise: 
Publication of 15 (AW17-18) designs in the 56th edition of Texitura Magazine - internationally renowned and most relevant trend book in Spain (Madrid, Spain 2016).
Selected project in AngloGold Ashanti AuDITIONS, the Brazilian edition of the world’s largest gold jewelry design competition, with Dual Bolero piece, prototype exhibition in São Paulo Fashion Week (São Paulo, Brazil).