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Dmytro Filatov, Jora Yevich, Dmytro Goncharenko, Diana Romanenko

Fr., 23.06. 21:00–22:00 Uhr
The performance will consist of an electronic jam on synthesizers and guitars, a declaration of poems in English and Ukrainian, and projected visuals. The performance immerses the listener into the story of feelings and reflections on the disasters of modernity, war, and postapocalyptic feeling of hope.


Dmytro Filatov, Jora Yevich, Dmytro Goncharenko, Diana Romanenko

Dmytro Goncharenko - plays Elektron Didgitakt. In life he is art-curator, performer, musician and teach of German language for Ukrainians. He curates a lot of exhibitions of Ukrainian and international artists and photographers.
Dmytro Filatov - plays Behringer Crave, guitar with pedalbord. In life, he is cultural manager, artist manager and booker. Works with representation of modern music scene in Berlin.
Jora - plays bass and melodies on midi-keyboard, reads poems. In life she is activist, fighter for women and LGBTQ+ rights. Currently, runs a cinema-club of niche Ukrainian films in Berlin.
Diana Romanenko - multi media artist, VJ.


Richardplatz 28
12055 Berlin

Rixdorfer Schmiede


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