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Obscure Bugz

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Sa., 24.06. 13:00–13:25 Uhr Sa., 24.06. 19:00–19:25 Uhr So., 25.06. 11:00–11:25 Uhr So., 25.06. 15:00–15:25 Uhr
Once upon a time there lived a 'Pleasure Prince',
A young man from far, far away,
He spent his waking days, wondering the street and eating takeaways,
Even if the skies were gray, that didn't bother our little Lebensmensch,
Because deep inside his soul, it was full of sun-rays!

Woven with jazz, break-dancing throughout, there is a birth, in a storm of disorientation and bewilderment, Marlee Moo enters the world, a tapestry is built over time using words and actions, a techno tragic-comedy, new life means a responsibility is formed, an older, safer act that can no longer compete won't let go, an alter-ego-punk that must kiss death poetically, the beautiful struggle goes on, playing joyfully, a body moving paints light and dark, Hip-Hoping ups and downs, rock and rolling together!


Obscure Bugz

Ich erschaffe meine eigenen Performances. Ich tanze, schreibe Gedichte/Theaterstücke und schauspielere.



Schillerpromenade 18
12049 Berlin

Schillerpromenade Basketball Court


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