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We build this city

Nathalie Mei

Barrierefreier Zugang
Fr., 23.06. 19:00–19:20 Uhr
Investigating the building process in a playful way as a social construct will be the method of choice for “We built this city.” This project will reflect on social spaces and the relation between the people who build by dwelling. Taking Starship's 80's song “We built this city” as a rhizomatic conduit, the work will blur lines between pop culture, material culture, storytelling, philosophy, and emotional perception.


Nathalie Mei

Nathalie Mei is an artist living and working in Berlin. Her artistic practice is between sculpting, video, sound, and digital image processing.

She seeks an alliance between biographical traces, the natural environment, and the algorithmic world through her works.

Her works are informed by questions about the objective quality of images and how they relate to emotional, geographical, and virtual worlds.


Schillerpromenade 26
Schillerpromenade Mittlestreifen
12049 Berlin



Barrierefreier Zugang