Art discipline: 
Álvaro Sendra González (*1983, Spain) is a Berlin-based artist, a bookshop owner and a voracious reader of both literature and art catalogues. After being focused the last 8-9 years mostly on digital collages, he came back to figurative drawing a year ago. Among his influences we could list anything from byzantine miniatures to independent comics and Internet memes. His subjects circle around toxic masculinities, social isolation and brand new (digital) forms of turbo-capitalism.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Exhibitions (Selection):

2021 Offene Ateliers Neukölln (s) (Berlin)
2019 48h. Neukölln (s) in Pequod Books (Berlin)
2018 „Saloon Vol. 7“ in Neon Kunst (Berlin)
2018 LoosenArt: „Plastic“ in Millepiani (Rome)
2018 48h. Neukölln (s) in Pequod Books (Berlin)
2018 „Life on Mars.“ in Apartment A (Berlin)
2017 „Alone together“ (s) in Helmut (Leipzig)
2016 RETHink Art Digital Festival in Rethymno (Greece)
2016 Summer Art Trail Festival in Leicester (UK)
2016 „Konform“ in Projektwohnung Krudebude (Leipzig)
2015 „Have you seen this cat?“ (s) in Pequod Books (Berlin)
2013 „Peter Pan Complex“ (s) in Retramp Galerie (Berlin)
2010 „Mumin an the Riviera“ in Skalitzer140 (Berlin)
2008 „Fotografie als Kunst - Fotografie als Waffe“ in Kunstraum Bethanien (Berlin)
Awards / Prizes : 
Unfortunately nothing.