Art discipline: 
Amaury BOUQUET is a Berlin-based French artist who grew up in Saint Maur des Fossés, France.

His early passion for street-art started at the age of 10 making hip-hop inspired cartoons and witnessing the explosion of contemporary graffiti, from writings to paintings, from political to decorative, that took over Paris suburbs in the 90s. Street-art opened up his eyes to new possibilities: if we have the power to modify the streets, we certainly have the power to modify the reality we live in, and by extension - ourselves.

With a background in social innovation, he tries to create a bridge between art and social change.

His illustrations, paper cuts, masks and murals play with the forms and meanings of symbols. He also develops the concept of Art-experience to help people dive into one’s interiority. Both mediums, pictorial symbolism or symbolic actions are representations of our collective psyche and each individual history. His work encompasses the joyful transgression of public space through murals, bringing back elements of nature into the urban landscapes, to the social performance of participatory street-art installations.

Online portfolio :
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
• Voyage(s), L’intermittent, Paris, FR, 2014.

• Muxmaeuschenwild Festival, Anomalie Art Club, Berlin, DE, Sept 2019.
• UtopiaX, Betahaus, Berlin, DE, June 2019.
• Festival POC, La Ruche, Marseille, FR, April 2017.

• Ego Relaxation, performed with BIMBIM collective, Circus Schatzinsel, Berlin, FR, 2019.
• Alchemical Activation, performed with BIMBIM collective, Circus Schatzinsel, Berlin, FR,

• Madame Momo, Esplanade de la Défense, Paris, FR, 2019.
• Get lucky, Maybachufer, Berlin, DE, 2018.