Art discipline: 
Annsofie Jonsson is a Swedish artist living in Berlin and she has been a member of Studio Baustelle since 2018. Her artistic expression is semi-abstract and expressive with a strong intuitive tone. She draws inspiration from hypnagogic impressions and from the material itself, through playful experimentation.
Important projects / Exhibitions:
Solo Exhibitions / Events
2022 "Chthonic -whatever is down there"
2022 "On Water" El Puente, Vilaflor, Tenerife <3
2021 "There is something in the Air" 48h Neukölln
2021 "Ochre" window exhibition
2020 "Current -Contemporary Occulture"
2020 "Urban Spirits", Studio Baustelle.
2019 B-LA Connect, " In, around, through!", Studio Baustelle, Berlin.
2019 LUST. Studio Baustelle, Berlin.
2017 AW in the Studio. Malmö, Sweden.
2017 Swedish Fall - Skillingtryck. Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2014 Hypnagogia. Nekropolis, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2013 Flash vernissage. Skapa, Lund, Sweden.
Group Exhibitions
2020 "CURRENT - CONTEMPORARY OCCULTURE" Studio Baustelle, Berlin, Germany.
2020 Spring Salon - "SPEAK" , Kulturkossan, Järvsö, Sweden.
2019 Art Auction, Studio Baustelle, Berlin, Germany.​
2019 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival - ‘Murky Landscapes’, Studio Baustelle, Berlin, Germany.
2019 B-LA Connect Festival, Berlin, Germany.
2019 Pop-up Art Show, Studio Baustelle, Berlin, Germany.
2018 Silent Art Auction, Studio Baustelle, Berlin, Germany.
2010 ArtHouse Exhibition, Åkarp, Sweden.
2009 Art Expo, Malmö University, Sweden.