Art discipline: 
Born in Athens, grew up in Thessaloniki. Studied Methodology, History and Theory of Science at the University of Athens and Film at the Stavrakos Film School. After finishing his studies he spent a decade working as a screenwriter and script editor in Athens before starting to direct his own films. His main work explores landscapes and the function of memory.
Since 2015 he lives in Berlin and continues working as a filmmaker and photographer.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
City of Sleep (2022), Script Funding by the Greek Film Centre

Cortázar (2021), Short Film - 10'
Director: Argyris Germanidis - Katerina strauch
Screenplay & Cinematography: Argyris Germanidis

Enclaves (2019, 48Std Neukölln), Photography Exhibition
Photographer: Argyris Germanidis

Left Right (2009), Short Film - 14'
Director: Argyris Germanidis – Stavros Raptis,
Screenplay: Argyris Germanidis – Stavros Raptis
Funded by the Mikrofilm Programm, ERT (Greek NationalTelevision)

Nightshift (2010), Documentary Series in 13 Episodes (30')
broadcasted by ERT (Greek National Television)

Rio (2007), Feature Film
Award: Balkan Fund Prize - Thessaloniki Film Festival 2007
Director: Nikos Panoutsopoulos, Screenplay: Argyris Germanidis
Awards / Prizes : 
27th Athens IFF-Best Cinematography Award
44th DISFF-Special Mention by GSC
TiSFF-Cinematic Achievement Award

Left Right - Short Film
Special Mention - Cinema Tous Ecrans
Best Balkan Film, Filmini International Short Festival
II Prize, Zubroffska International Short Film Festival
Jury Special Award – 17 th Adana Film Festival
A total of 40 festival participations:
Sarajevo Film Festival, Molodist Film Festival (Kiev),
Shanghai Int. Film Festival, Encounters (UK) etc.