Art discipline: 
Aude Langlois is a composer, musician and sound artist from France, working with different sound sources that she removes from their context and combines with her own voice. She creates textural compositions. After her bachelor studies in "Music and Musicology" in Paris-Sorbonne (FR), she completed her master studies in "Sound Studies" at the UdK in Berlin. Her work fuses music, sound design and technology in an organic way.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
2020 - (un)conciousness session, (Ekheo) Performance at Hošek Contemporary, Improvised & Experimental, Berlin
2020 - Promesses, Composition & Lyrics of a self released EP, Berlin
2020 - KI - Stimme, Gender und Identität, (Ekheo), Talk, die MUK: Musik und Kunst der Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien
2019 - Voice and Identity, (Ekheo) Keynote and Concert, Voice Conference Berlin
2017 - Hardboiled Sound, (Ekheo), Performance & Musical Graph, NICHTSALSSCHÖNHEIT, KN Raum für Kunst im Kontext, Berlin
2017 - Crystallization, Audiowalk, 48 H Neukölln