Art discipline: 
Beatrice Babin (*1964 in Munich) lives and works in Berlin. She studied philosophy and film history.
She is a visual artist, a film editor, a live video performer (in the field of live cinema) and a photographer.

Central to her artistic work are dreams of a future, which sometimes already are the past. It seems to be a narrow line between memory and invention. Through the dream level, she tries to approach the topic of identity. Her work plays with different levels, transitions, memories and reflections.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
In the 90s BeBap worked mainly as a video artist („McBeth“ -Theater Aachen, „Hotel Arcadia“ - Biennale Venice 2000, „ECSTASY 99“ - 4. Praterspektakel, „Last Tango of Kassel“ - documenta X).

With the new millennium she edited feature films, which were shown in all mayor film festivals like Berlinale, Venice, Cannes, Toronto … with directors like Emily Atef, Markus Imhoof, Wim Wenders.

Since 2017 she took up work as a photographer again and has been working as a V-J (live video performances).
At the end of April 2019 her newest photos will be part of the group exhibition „Identiy II“ at Bethanien, Berlin, showing works from the class of Thomas Meyer at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie.