Art discipline: 
BeBab / Beatrice Babin lives and works in Munich and Berlin.

She is a visual artist, a film editor, a live video performer in the field of live cinema and coding artist.

Central to her artistic work are dreams of a future, which sometimes already are the past. It seems to be a narrow line between memory and invention. Through the dream level, she tries to approach the topic of identity. Her work plays with different levels, transitions, memories and reflections.

She studied philosophy and film history at the LMU in Munich. Final thesis (MA) about Fellini and the role of the clown as a border crosser between life and death.

In the 90s she worked mainly as a video artist („McBeth“ -Theater Aachen, „Hotel Arcadia“ - Biennale Venice 2000, „ECSTASY 99“ - 4. Praterspektakel, „Last Tango of Kassel“ - documenta X).

With the new millennium she edited feature films, which were shown in all mayor film festivals like Berlinale, Venice, Cannes, Toronto … with directors like Emily Atef, Markus Imhoof, Wim Wenders.

Around 2017, she has returned to her video art roots as a live visual performer.
She is a member of the feminist VJ collective Trial&Theresa.
Since 2019 she is a professor of film editing at the film school HFF in Munich.

Important projects / Exhibitions: 
- Everything Flows - Panta Rhei – shortfilm, video installation, NeuStartKultur, BKM,
gallery Rosa-Lux, Berlin (fall 2022)
- Remember? memories - Japanes Palais, Dresden SKD (2021)
Wordless – Falling Silent Loudly group exhibition
- 3D KiSS (2019), live visuals, video + 16-mm-loop with trombone improvisation of Hilary Jeffrey at Wolf-Studio Berlin
workshop with Takashi Makino
- Identity II, group exhibition Kunstraum Bethanien Bethanien Art Space in Berlin 4/25 - 5/5/2019
ghosts from the past, a personal series about childhood abuse
- from fishes and docs (2018) live visuals: ZeLiG 30 years at MUSEION - Bolzano-Italy
- LOVE / MOBILE - Inferno/Purgatorio/Paradiso (2018), live-cinema work at LPM, 19th edition in Rome, Italy
- T.R.A.S.H. (1998) video installation at Oberhausen theatre, festival "caution presence"
- TOILETTE VIDEOLETTE: WHEN I'M 68 (1998) 4.Praterspektakel, Berlin
- BErlin goes underground (1998) Berliner Ensemble: Dickicht Berlin Extra
- Last Tango from Kassel (1997) documenta X, Kassel, Kulturbahnhof,
with texts by Moritz Rinke, actor Mario Adorf