Art discipline: 
Ben&Julia is a creative Studio with shops in Berlin since 2009.
They lead the double life of artists / directors, one feeding the other and vice versa.
They made a name for themselves designing and directing surreal music videos and commercials. They are also renowned artists who exhibit in museums and galleries internationally. Their art stands somewhere between fine art and advertising.
The studio is known for its character designs, energy and straightforward collaborations with the art scene and brands.
Their work was commissioned by Nike for the release of the Vapormax, projected at night all over the George Pompidou center during the Air Max Day of 2017.
From performance art (Volvo in Zurich CH, Swatch / MTV Luzern,CH / Berlin, DE) to artistic films for Diesel, Klarna, Subway, Galettes St Michel, Outback and most recently Jeni’s Ice Cream, Ben & Julia never stop renewing themselves.

Mix Media pioneers with their 1973 music video for Tahiti Boy & the Palmtree family, they collaborated with Flairs, Biz Markie and the German scene with Steve Bug and Nena.

Important projects / Exhibitions: 

2022 | "Zusammen II" | Mauer Gallery Berlin
2019 | "Milestone" | Mauer Gallery Berlin
2015 | "An idea of Luxury" | Volvo Art Session Zürich HB
2012 | "The 2nd Live of Kaluk" | Voo Store Berlin
2011 | "3 Moments in The Life of Kaluk" | Pictoplasma Berlin
2010 | Live Painting with TIKA | Scope Art Basel
2009 | Art Battles Swatch/MTV | Illustrative Berlin


2018 | Geely Design Mobility in 2100 | Hotel Raphael Paris
2014 | Pictoplasma | Contemporary Museum Monterrey
2014 | Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery | Berlin
2013 | Don't shoot the messenger | Design Museum Helsinki
2011 | Post-digital monsters | La Gaîté Lyrique Paris
2011 | Giant Designer Snowmen | Torontoland Toronto
2009 | Art Battles Swatch MTV | Blue Balls Festival Luzern