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Piotr Borowiec, the founder of Borodesign invites you to take a glance at the new products by its “Loft Design Berlin” brand. Since 2003 Borodesign has been developing mechanical, light and sound and art objects for exhibitions and brand presentations. We are specialised in objects with unique functions, high complexity and outstanding aesthetics that inspire over long periods of time.

Our pendant lamp LOFT which you can see in our Showroom is a homage to classic industrial and country house lamps. Its design is based on traditional and modern manufacturing processes. The individual hand assembly of each single light refines the final overall impression and creates an object with a special charisma. The lamp is available in different versions. All parts of the corpus were engineered and manufactured regionally. Its prolonged lifespan embodies a contemporary approach to natural resources.

In addition to lamps, you will also see interior design objects, furniture.

As part of the exhibition, Piotr will also show a series of drawings of old-timers.
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