Art discipline: 
brustudio develops projects with the intent of combining social and economic solutions with playful design to overcome challenges of everyday life. In our eyes, architecture belongs to its inhabitants, which they can identify with. Our goal is to find unique solutions rather than the quick fix. Thus, we focus on expressing and developing bold concepts with identity and belonging.

Our work transitions across scales and medium. Through installations and cultural interventions, we experiment with space perception and new materials. Within the built environment, we aim to resolve controversies of the contemporary way of living.

brustudio is about seeing new perspectives, creating new voices, and working together without constraints. Through design and architecture, we dare to be groovy, courageous and explorative.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
1. Vortex Project - 16th Biennale di Venezia, Spanish Pavilion - Venice, Italy
2. Vortex Project - Installation: Architecture and Art exhibition - Alicante, Spain

Awards / Prizes : 
1. Nest - Architecture competition Open Gap - 3th Prize
2. Vortex Project - ArchDaily Spain - 10 Best Master's Thesis
3. From earthscape to playground - Architecture competition Archstorming - Honorable Mention