Art discipline: 
Christina Themeli is an emerging performance maker, dramaturg and performer. Her work deals often with womanhood, feminism, human relations, and shelf identity . As a graduate of Theatre Studies she is interested in blurring the lines between performance, theatre and dance by challenging classic theatre conventions of time, space and action. Her practice is experimental and ever-growing by combining elements such as stand up comedy, dancing, drama, monologs and lip-syncing, conceptual art and happenings. She enjoys collaborating with artists from other disciplines such as dance and music to expand her vision and create interdisciplinary works.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
-KASSANDRAS DEPRESSION oder: Wo ist der Chor bloß hin? by Daniel Wittkopp (Haus der Statistik, 2021)
-Pharmacist or Balloonist by Elpida Orfanidou (Ballhaus Ost, 2017)
Awards / Prizes : 
- AGON Theatre, Digital competition, 1st place for the dance film "Why I never became a dancer" (2020)