Art discipline: 
Citpelo, was born in 1982 in a squat in West Berlin and grew up as a child of his time. Rebellion and punk were the mottoes of his early years, fuck future! A serious illness robbed him of his physical integrity and his great dream! Due to the loss of his life's dream, he found himself condemned to a joyless world that he had to convert for himself .... by enjoying celebrations, a life of excess, that could only fill ithe void for a short while. Citpelo freed himself from the shackles and devoted himself to the true fulfillment of art. He developed his own style of Mixed Martial Art. His sculptures are made of cardboard collected, flyers and boxes, and handicrafts from the first level of his work process. With light and shadow, they are staged and subsequently banned in photographs. The last part of his work is the processing of photographs with digital graphics applications. The degree of change varies from work to work, representing the diversity of his art style.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
2017 "Maske Zeigen. Ich bin was, was du nicht siehst" Galerie Zeitzone Berlin
2016 Gruppenausstellung Galerie Zeitzone Berlin
2011 Gruppenausstellung Galerie Zeitzone Berlin
2010 L&M European Wide Project
2009 Berlin Art Tower Kunstmesse
2008 Vienna Biennale in Wien
2008 Begehungen Art Festival in Chemnitz
2008 Andox Meets Blues Heroes Departure Hong Kong