Art discipline: 
Felicia was born 1984 in Germany.
After her studies in Education and different residences in Germany and abroad, January 2011 she moved to Berlin.
Since then she was working in several domains of Social Work, Media, Arts and Cultural Education. She organises and operates workshops in analogue photography and painting.
2020-2022 "Fotoschule OSTKREUZ".
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
2022: ON WATER, Group show, El Puente, Vila Flor,Teneriffa
2021URBAN SPIRIT, Group show Studio Baustelle, Stadtteilzentrum Nordstadt, Bürgerschule, Hannover.
2021 LES RENCONTRES DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE ARLES, Eros & Photography: Behind Desire. Shadow Self, Group show, Gallery Chaussee36; Fotohaus 2021, Fondation Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, Arles
2021 DIGITAL RESIDENCY Photography, Pacífico Ritual y Resistencia,(Fotogalerie Friedrichshain/ Kulturring e.V.) Colombia / B
2020 FEELINGS, Window exhibition Studio Photography, Analogue b/w prints, Gallery & Project Space "Studio Baustelle", B
2020 ARCHITECTURE IN PHOTOGRAPHY. AN URBAN ENCOUNTER Analogue prints, Groupshow, HazeGallery, Berlin
2020 EROS & PHOTOGRAPHY - PART I: Behind Desire, Winner of the open call Analogue b/w Photography"Bodies", "Flying wings" Gallery Chaussee36, B
2020 "INDIFFERENT SPACES - EQUAL VALID SPACES, Analogue and digital Photography, Group show, Gallery & Project Space "Studio Baustelle", B
2020 "SILENCE" Analogue b/w Photography, Online Group show . ART up- Erfolg im Team, B
2019 Stories from our future's past, Analogue b/w Photography, Group show 48h Neukölln, Göttin der Weisheit, Berlin
2018 "DAS KAPiTAL Schaustellung", "Plaza Cisneros, Medellin" Galerie Schau Fenster, B
2018 "Kolumbien", Monat der Fotografie OFF, Galerie skswk, B
2016 "Sehnsuchtsorte" MdF OFF, Galerie skwk, B
2016 "Sieben Männer im Allgäu", analog Portraits, UNFRAMED FESTIVAL, Galerie skwk, B
Awards / Prizes : 
Pacífico Ritual y Resistencia,
(Fotogalerie Friedrichshain/ Kulturring e.V.) Colombia / Berlin

Winner of the open call
PART I: Behind Desire
Gallery Chaussee36, Berlin