Art discipline: 
I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1993.
At an early age I started to attend drawing classes.
I went to high school in a school of Arts, where I obtained the title of "Illustration Assistant".
In the year 2017 I finished the 'Antonio Berni' Visual Arts Teacher Training, in Buenos Aires, Arg.
I attended courses in analogue photography and black and white development.
Between 2012 and 2016, I attended painting workshops in Buenos Aires.
I also participated in an illustration seminar given by Carlos Nine, a referent of illustration in Argentina.
I worked in the art department team of 'Art attack', Disney, for three seasons in scenography, among other scenographic projects.
I have taken classes in theatrical lighting in which I worked in two plays as a lighting designer.
I also attended a "seminar for artists" at the gallery PANAL 361, in Buenos Aires.
From 2017 I started an urban art project, working with the techniques of paste up and muralism, characterized by being a contemporary, urban and ephemeral work.
I currently live in Berlin where I continue to work on artistic projects in different disciplines.

Important projects / Exhibitions: 
During the years 2016 to 2019 I participated in several exhibitions in cultural centres in the city of Buenos Aires, presenting in different opportunities my painting series 'Saturno', 'Vibraciones' and 'Siglo XXI'.
I was selected in the small format salon of the Casa Carnaccini in Buenos Aires.
I did a visual arts exhibition at the Congreso de la Nacion Argentina, presenting my series 'Saturno'.
In 2017 I started with an urban art project, using the technique of paste up in the streets and muralism, characterized by being a contemporary, urban and ephemeral work.
Collaboration International Paste up Peglam festival Buenos Aires.
Collaboration Paste Up festival Berlin, Urban Art Week, Berlin 2019.
Uninterrupted urban intervention (paste up) in Berlin.
I made several murals in Buenos Aires and Berlin.