Art discipline: 
The main focus of my art is emotions.
For me drawing and dance are a channel to express them, to make them flow and to let them out.

I find the power of dance in improvisation. The only rule is given from the body. Improvisation is the space for the body to talk. When words can't express, dance does. The body is honest.
And I think that the performer experimenting a feeling with improvisation can heal and reach a freedom afterwards. The viewer, seeing these emotions on the performer's body, will also be able to feel and reach this freedom.
I deeply believe in the need to experiment and express feelings and make something new out of it.

The act of drawing is something that goes by itself: most of the time when I start to draw I don't have a precise idea of what I´m going to do.
I usually just feel I have a lot inside, and I want to release it, to let it out.
When I draw it is as if a part of me went somewhere else and no external influence could interfere with it but at the same time I feel extremely present.
It’s a beautiful sensation.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
She exposed her drawings in May 2020 in the concept store Studio 183 and created and performed for the same concept store "Sky With A Ceiling" for an online stream.