Art discipline: 
Helena Hernández
Wohnt und arbeitet in Berlin, Deutschland
Geboren in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexiko. 26.03.1983
2001-2006 Diplom Visuelle Kunst an der National Schule von Plastische Kunst (ENAP, UNAM) in Mexiko
2012-2014 Master Studium in Kunst in Öffentlicher Raum (Art in Public Spheres) an der Hochschule Luzern, Design & Kunst, Luzern, Schweiz.
2013 Erasmus Semester an der Akademie der bildenden Künste, Wien, Österreich.

My latests works aim to make visible the process of drawing through the thread and fabric. I have full freedom while stitching, it is an organic process.
The small pocket size pieces I associate to the serial production but in every work, the unknown is to be unfolded. The method of stitching grows freely depending on my own decisions.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Solo exhibitions:
2021 “Lightness“ As part of 48Stunden Neukölln. Embroidery. WerkStadt Kunst Satellit, Berlin, Germany.
“My Childhood”. Embroidery. Urban Art Kids, Berlin, Germany

2019 “Hands off“ As part of the 48Stunden Neukölln. Drawing. WerkStadt Kunst Satelitt, Berlin, Germany.
“Conditions of Work“ Drawing, Der Riss, Berlin, Germany.
“A Fair Show“. Drawing. povvera Galerie, Berlin, Germany.

2018 “The Possible”. Drawing. Okazi Galerie, Berlin, Germany
“All the Faces”. Drawing and animation, Klötze und Schinken, Berlin, Germany.
“Crossing the Line”. Drawing and Installation. Galerie im Saalbau, Berlin, Germany.

2016 “The Voyageurs” Watercolour works with Rafael Koller in the frame of Fumetto. Lucerne, Switzerland
“The Niñxs” , drawings, Casa Mezcal, New York, USA.

2015 “El Niño y la Niña. Drawing in Italy” Drawing team work with Rafael Koller. Mutty Gallery, Castiglione, Italy.

2013 “Doodle it Yourself. D.I.Y.” Collective Drawing. Exchange, Dublin, Ireland.
“Small Fantasies” Drawing and Photography. Bloody Mary Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
Awards / Prizes : 
2018 Kulturamt Neukölln geförderte Ausstellung "Crossing the Line"
2017 Stipendium FONCA für mexikanische Künstler
2014 Ausgewählt „Lead me to the place” “WEG- das trinationale festival des spazierens”, Kollektiver Zeichnung in öffentlicher Raum.
2013 Stipendium FONCA für mexikanische Studenten in Ausland.