Art discipline: 
I am interested in making art that explores the political and social context in which we find ourselves. Photography and technology have always played a central role, and I use a wide range of materials and objects, often displaying my work in the form of installations.

These are challenging and turbulent times especially so since the Covid-19 pandemic took hold. Air is the medium in which we living things exist, yet it may contain invisible danger in the form of Covid-19. For this work a set of sample bottles is being collected over time containing the air of that day along with data such as time, air pressure, temperature, a photograph of the sky, and deaths due to Covid-19. The installation will raise questions such as whether the air samples contain a virus? Or whether the data collected conveys any meaning? To protect ourselves we’ve had to create barriers to filter the air we breathe, and distance ourselves from being too close to our fellow human beings. Containing and describing air feels as strange as trying to isolate ourselves from all the things that make us who we are.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
YMYL – EDGE 2 Pontio Arts and Innovation Centre, Bangor
Group exhibition – Art and Technology - 2019

Ardrowthy/Brink, Oriel Mon, Llangefni, Anglesey,
Group exhibition 2019

Unus Multorum - Plas Bodfa 2020
Group exhibition