Art discipline: 
Japanese Berlin-based classically trained violinist and composer. Current member of Tangerine Dream.

She started classical training when she was four years old. Master of Fine Arts for the violin at Prefectural University of Art and Music Diploma in violin at University of Music and Theater in Rostock, Germany. Played at Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester. From 2011-2013, played at Jane Birkin on a European tour(with music directed by Nobuyuki Nakajima).

She is always with her Violin.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Currently member of the legendary band Tangerine dream since 2011.

She has many artistic dimensions as solo musician "Tukiko"

As duo "Kiseki"

Composer and musician for Motimaru Dance Company and several collaborations with different artists.

She has performed internationally in more than 30 countries in the world and published many cds available on spotify and on
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