Art discipline: 
Dr. Iris Ulbricht is a Berlin based engineer and artist. Born in West Berlin she graduated in Applied Mechanics from University of Technology and wrote her Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering. She worked in different management, development and research positions in the international turbomachinery industry in Berlin/Brandenburg, Brussels and Switzerland until 2014 when she discovered her strong interest in realistic painting. She initiated a radical career change in the beginning of 2015 by taking on art studies with a focus on painting techniques and drawing through different schools and private lessons with selected artists. She collected first art teaching experience in 2019 when she also started to exhibit her work.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
18.-21.10.2019 "Kunstlicht" Haus Hohenbusch, Erkelenz
18.-20.06.2021 "Luftkorridore / Air Corridors", Festival Contribution to 48 Stunden Neukölln 2021
03.-06.10.2021 "Marble Planets", Solo, Haus 104, Tempelhofer Feld
01.4.-31.12.2022 "Rangsdorfer Wohnquartiere im Wandel der Zeit", Rathaus Rangsdorf