Ivana Papic

Art discipline: 
Born in Split Croatia in 1987. MA from Fine Arts Academy of Split and since 2018. enrolled into the postgraduate master study at the Institute for Art in Context on Udk - Universität der Künste Berlin. Trough participatory projects and with photography, biographical interviews and sound, I am exploring conditions of today’s working class – emergence of the “precariat”, consumerism and digital labour.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Upcoming solo exhibitions: "Berlin obećani grad - izvještaj iz call centra" / Berlin the promised city - report from a call centre" Interactive audio - documentary installation. The project is realised in the partnership with Croatian cultural organisations: Otvoreni Likovni Pogon, Mavena and Pogon - Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth. 09 / 20 Jedinstvo velika dvorana / Jedinstvo hall in Pogon;  Zagreb, Croatia 10 / 20 MKC Multimedia Cultural Centre; Split, Croatia