Art discipline: 
Katerina Strauch was born in Germany and raised in Greece. She studied Theater at the Fine Arts School of the Aristoteles University in Thessaloniki (MA Degree) and Acting at the National Theater Acting School in Athens. After her studies she turned to filmmaking and worked at film projects as an assistant director and assistant producer.
She is currently based in Berlin. Cortázar is her first film.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Cortázar (2021) - Short Film
Directors: Katerina Strauch - Argyris Germanidis
Screenplay: Argyris Germanidis

Awards / Prizes : 
Official Selection at the 27th Athens International Film Festival.
The film received the Award for Best Cinematography.
Greek Premiere at the 44th Drama International Film Festival. The film received a Special Mention Award For Cinematography by the Greek Society of Cinematographers
Official Selection at the 15th Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival.
The film received the Cinematic Achievement Award