Art discipline: 
M.Sc. Sustainable Development, University of Leipzig
B.A. Linguistics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
The Panarchist’s Cookbook, 2021
Workshop, cookbook, and five-course world-pairing menu exploring speculative Berlins in 2100
Co-creation with Sarah Friend, presented at Floating University - Berlin

Xanthropocene, 2020-2021
Science-fiction and fantasy short stories
Short stories available at
OC-instagram meme account with memes featured by Coven Berlin, 0x.Salon, and others

Eating Britz, 2020, 2021
Series of “Urban Foraging Explorations” in the form of guided walks in the changing ecosystem of the Teltow Kanal in Britz
With Xyrden Collective

QT-Radio, 2020-2021
Collaborative, decentral radio station available at
12+ discussion shows with musical accompaniment covering themes in contemporary climate and “sustainability” research - archival episode available at