Art discipline: 
Intersection of philosophy and technology, science and experience, humanities and machine codes. Immersive, interactive, synaesthetic installations, involving projections sensing the space, motion and sound. Generative videos synthesized out of mathematics in multiple levels of cybernetic feedback loops outputting new models of generative color. To evoke emotions with algorithms and connect generative and performative arts in collaborative projects, with performers, dancers, composers, painters.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
* Xemantic, 2002 - present, Berlin/Szczecin (Poland), the founder - Xemantic studio is applying philosophy with code as a medium for interactive installations with posthuman narratives

*, 2021 - present, generative visuals for generative, AI-synthesized music

* Civilizational Habits, 2020, Industria/Illutron, Copenhagen - installation-projection-performance inspired by WW1 dazzle camouflage aesthetics (sterile geometry of anxiety)

* I see you in my dreams, 2020, Digital Arts Lab Berlin - interactive installation (postponed till 2022 due to pandemic)

* I see you in my dreams, 2020, 8 Rooms Gallery, Berlin - interactive installation of experiential cybernetics, reacting to human motion by synthesising generative oneiric videos in meta feedback-loop.

* Dream World Berlin, 2019 - Installations for immersive theater produced by Dream World art collective

* Angels In America, 2019, Opera by Peter Eötvös, Berlin University of the Arts - Generative video footage of divine qualities (emotionality of generative color), part of stage design

* Creative Code Berlin, 2018 - present, active member - sharing, teaching, art and technology

* Activism in Poland, 2012 - present, Animal Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights