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KiezPilz is a collective exploring artistic, social and ecological questions of communal fungi cultivation. They see fungi cultivation as a practice towards more sustainable ways of living, community empowerment, and reciprocal connection with non-human life. They are making use of unused spaces and urban waste streams to grow mushrooms using locally sourced materials. Their goal is reproducible, community-based fungi cultivation that brings the neighborhood together.

They dream of communities that enrich the natural world around them and enrich each other in the process. Moving away from extraction and exploitation towards solidarity and autonomy. People are empowered to define their own lives in cooperation with each other and non-human life.

Fruiting Chamber Network

Fruiting Chamber Network is a decentralized social network connecting people and mushrooms. It is based on PeachCloud, software that makes it possible to run a decentralized social network on home computers. The social network will question ideal conditions provided to standard mushroom fruiting chambers. The computer network will have automatic control for the humidifier and the fan in the fruiting chambers.

The Fruiting Chamber Network is to be expanded in the various neighborhoods of Berlin. This will create a "Fruiting Chamber Network" in more than one sense of the word.