Art discipline: 
Kafayı yemek ! There are many kinds of truth in the world. Even if it's a fake news or incredible story sometimes become truth in someone's head. Furthermore, truth is stranger than fiction. What is real and what is true?However, things are speaking out stories, histories and truth with their surface.

I am interested in the problem of negative aspects of politics and society being hidden rather than dealt with. When I walked the former Berlin Wall from south to north in different seasons, I was impressed that Germany has archived the negative past and opened it to the public. I created these conceptual sculptures when I felt how materially this attitude toward understanding history differed from those of the many societies that tend to hide negativities or truth, Japan among them.

My artwork "stone will flow, leaves will sink" is composed of a short film from the former no man's land beside the former Berlin Wall called "Disremembering" and sculpture series "Concealment." The title is a Japanese proverb that criticism absurd, unjust societies.
The "Concealment" sculpture series is made of trash from the former no man's land and plaster. I combined pieces of trash to make objects, then covered them with plaster to transform them into beautifully shaped sculptures. The trash is a metaphor for negative aspects of the past or truth, which shouldn't be forgotten.
On the surface of smooth white sculptures, you can find signals of things from inside.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Exhibitions of note from recent years include: "The journey of stones, mountain" (Chrom VI, Idar-Oberstein, Germany 2021), "Sound from the golden age" (solo online, Harris Gallery | University of La Verne, CA, USA 2021) “Stone will flow, leaves will sink” (solo, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany 2019) “Why is that view so interesting” (solo, Fuchu Art Museum, Performance Art Project No. 68, Tokyo, Japan 2016) “Tea Talks” (solo, Bradwolff Projects, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2016), “Rainy Alley” / “I’m here” (Setouchi International Art Festival, Kagawa, Japan 2010/2013), "All ears, yes on shade of life" (Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, Niigata, Japan 2009), "Three rooms" ("Reading the Art Museum", Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo, Japan 2001) and others.
I have long term social practice art projects "Lat/Long Project" and "Town-Stories" and have participated artist in residencies include: Field Kitchen Academy (Berlin, Germany, 2020), Urbane Künste Ruhr, (Dortmund, Germany 2019), Künstlerhaus Bethanien, (Berlin Germany 2018-2019), CBK Zuidoost BijlmAIR (Amsterdam, Holland 2016), Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Artist Residency (New York, US 2012-2013)
I have also created public art pieces in several locations around Japan. I was a recipient of a fellowship from the Asian Cultural Council in 2012-2013 New York, USA, and Overseas Study Program for Artists Fellow, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in 2018-2019 in Berlin.
Awards / Prizes : 
2022 Neuköllner Kunstpreises 2022 2. Preis
2018-2019  Bunkacho Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan
2012-2013  Asian Cultural Council Fellowship Program